Running Is Funny


I found my new favorite running blogs that make me laugh.  I had to come and tell you right away.

Yes I totally submitted a picture!  I have SO many to choose from.  I am a really ugly runner.  I am taking the advice of surrounding myself which hilarious things.  That and Snow Patrol.   Snow Patrol, Pink Lemonade, and laughter will get me through this.

But a call from Gary Lightbody couldn’t hurt either.

Hey I don’t know you, And I’m not Crazy, But I’d really appreciate, if you’d call me maybe?

I’ve had far too much caffeine today, me thinks.  This is good though because I am ready to go home and run!  Inside of course since the breath of Satan has fallen upon the DC area and it’s hard to walk from your building to your car without your shoes just straight up melting beneath your feet, paralyzing you in your tracks to the asphalt.  But don’t just sit down,  your flesh will actually singe.  Just because you are wearing pants does not mean your ass is protected.

This summer is passing faster than I thought.  It’s all downhill from here, really.  I made it through my birthday (which is apparently a marker for when I usually start to get low ) so things can only get easier?  right?  Or is it that I just got older and don’t care as much?  That’s it.

An upside to all of this crazy, is that I write – like prolifically- when upset.  GOODBYE 5 CHAPTERS.  Done.  Bam.


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