I’m a Winner.

No Really.  I am.

I won a brand spanking new pair of Mizuno Running Shoes from The Sweet Life !!!!

I was told that the Enigma 2’s would be the best bet for me, but since I’ve never been fitted, and I don’t have a way to be fitted for the shoe prior to ordering them (small window of time) I consulted the Mizuno Shoe Fitter on their website.

It turns out I am good for the Wave Prophecy, Wave Creation 13, Wave Enigma, and Wave Rider 15.  I like the styling of all of them, but the Wave Creation is the cutest in my mind by far. I am totally excited.

Plan of the Day

  • Breakfast: Smoothie and Coffee
  • Lunch: Mediterranean Wrap and Fruit Cup
  • Dinner: Greek Salad & Beer
  • Activity: The 3.5 miles I didn’t do yesterday. :-)

The week is thankfully almost over, and with the Passing of both of my Summer Classes (B in Applied Grammar, A in English Literature) My birthday coming up, some very exciting travel expeditions soon, and really just the onslaught of a lot of good things to come, I am taking a moment of pause to breathe it in.  I am very thankful, at this time for my life.  Though at times, it can be difficult (because of myself, and others – you know who you are dear lurker), the face that I can’t seem to get my wardrobe to be exactly like Duchess Kate – although I’ll never give up hope – and the ultimate fact that I will forever and always miss the Washington DC show of Snow Patrol when they are touring – I will never forget that I am breathing.  I am healthy.  I am loved.  I love others.  I have an amazing family, and an amazing group of friends that will forever be ingrained in my heart.

This may have gone the complete opposite direction that I figured it would, and that is fine.  I am just happy I have the ability to write this and be as open with all of you as I can be.

So far 2 days out of 7 days tracked.  I am excited that this plan has made me excited.  I am thankful it’s working, and I am thankful that I decided to go back.


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