Wednesday Weigh In

WI: -0.2
Total Lost: -44.2
Emotion: On the Up and Up

I was completely expecting a nice big gain, so this loss, no matter how small was exactly what I needed.  I ran outside last night, and it was glorious.  It wasn’t really hot out, just a nice 77 degrees with a breeze, but the sun was out in full force.  So the combination of Me running + Sun = HOT.

But I did 3.1 miles in 30’51″.  I’m getting closer to that sub-30 minute 5k!  September 30th is the goal!

I’m having a better morning than I expected when I woke up.  I have a slight headache – where as when I went to sleep it was a full on blinding bad headache.  Then I get to work, and for some reason Yesterday-Me decided to add Queen to my work playlist on Spotify.   This brought me out of my morning funk that I was in.  Then Rufus Wainwright’s new album “Out of the Game” came on, and I found myself closing my office door to dance around my office.

Now I am falling in love with Fiona Apple all over again with her new album “The Idler Wheel is Wiser..”

I need to stop looking at Pinterest and Anthropolgie online.  It’s making me want to spend lots of money.  I sent back three things yesterday – THREE.  Because one was too big, and the other two just didn’t look right.

I need to stop online shopping, and just go try on things before buying.

I also bought a pair of Tom’s shoes. I need to stop.

That’s the funny thing though.  I buy things and then send them back or return them to the store, so I end up only spending like a 1/4 of what I think I am spending.  Which is why I never really freak out anymore.  I told TPWSNBN last night that I should just grocery shop daily to get my spending fix.

Plan of the Day

  • Breakfast: Smoothie, English Muffin with PB2, Coffee w/Cream
  • Snack: Banana
  • Lunch: Amy’s Black Bean Enchiliadas, Yogurt, Grapes, Orange
  • Snack: Kashi Go Lean Protein Bar (most likely post workout)
  • Dinner: Mahi Mahi Tacos
  • Activity: Live Fit – Legs & Walking on Incline 30 Minutes
    • Leg Press – No Machine so I am doing weighted squats
    • Leg extensions – Weights strapped to feet, extend from chair
    • Wide Stance Barbel Squat
    • Seated leg curl – laying down and curling legs with weight
    • Standing calf raises – dumbbells on shoulders, using stairs
    • Seated Calf Raise – holding weights on thighs, using stepping box for leverage

See I don’t need a gym!  I just need to utilize some alternative methods!

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