Tuesday Things

  • “Call me Maybe” cover videos on Youtube have literally brought me out of my funk.  I love that song in a cheeky, lets go running type of way (also it would have been perfect if it had come out whilst I was in high school, but I am not sure Carley Ray Jepsen was born yet.).   My favorite so far would be Harvard Baseball’s Version.  Something about hot guys singing and dancing to this song is just well, plain awesome. 
  •  You may have noticed the posts from Polyvore on my blog.  It’s because I am now a self proclaimed fashionista, and have decided to share my love of putting together clothes I can afford or fit into, online in cute little collages.  I’ve received a lot of feedback on how “Awesome” or “cute” or “WOW” these outfits are, and even though most of those (if not all) were from my mom or older sister, I am considering this a win and will continue to post my fashion stylings for my audience.  This totally has to do with my Weight Loss Journey, y’all.
  • My classes at NVCC start his week.  I am a bit overwhelmed.  Why you ask?  I haven’t really sat down and learned anything in 5 years.  A this time 5 years ago I had taken my last final and was preparing to graduate and then get married.  I was not in the frame of mind to absorb anything in my head since then.  Sure I’ve learned how to do things at my job, but there was no studying, no exams.  If I screwed up I got yelled at, but there was never really a grade.  So I am staring at my text book for one class next to me on my desk and I am completely overwhelmed.  The worst part is, these classes are just endorsement classes.  They aren’t even for my masters.  They are purely for me getting to my masters.  It’s a 100 level course.  I think I am going to be sick.  Plus I am still studying for the Praxis exam, and I STILL HAVE A FULL TIME JOB.  I think I am going to cut back on my cleaning till this all settles.  I am also going to not beat myself up if I miss a workout.   I really need to work on this aspect of it. 
  • In turn I am also angry at my English teachers from Elementary School through the end of Middle School.  I should have learned basic Grammar.  I should have learned how to diagram sentences.  I should have learned more than what a noun is.  If you guys taught it, and I still didn’t get it, you should have taught me harder.  I swear to be different.
  • I am taking July and August off from racing.  It’s not because of anything other than I had been training hard since August for the half marathon, and then I immediately signed up for races in April, May, Jun, October, November and another half marathon in December. I thought about it, and even though I could manage a 5k -10k both of those months, it’s gonna be hot, humid, and I want some of my weekends back.  I will of course ultimately change my mind and be sad that there are either no races, or they are full.  
  • I am still getting side stitches all over my right and left side when I run, which is annoying and hard to get through a race.  lucky for me Pinterest is amazing and had a pin on my feed this morning talking about just that:
    • Four Ways To Stop The Dreaded Side Stitch this talks about eating habits (too much fat and fiber can cause havoc) breathing patterns, adequate warm ups, and how to get rid of one quickly while running.  This is gonna be my lifesaver.
  • The next time someone asks me what I am training for, I will respond with “Life”, and of course the ultimate take over of the poorer class resulting in us actually living out the Hunger Games.
  • I have to go to Target, again, to return something, again, because it doesn’t look right, Always.  I am still in search of a Navy Blazer that doesn’t make me look like a magicians assistant (thanks TPWSNBN for that little nomenclature.)
  • My goals in life have shifted greatly this year, and it’s been awesome meeting myself again, but for the love of all that is holy, I have been called a “Stereotypical Liberal Arts Major” by too many people.  Yes I majored in something I enjoyed and if I hadn’t married immediately to the first poor soul I could find to annoy for the rest of his life, I would in fact be living in a cardboard box somewhere in DC.  That doesn’t mean I am a stereotype for going back to school to pursue a degree that will make my Bachelor of Art’s in “Fun” as you call it, useful.  First of all, do you find writing 30 page papers on Chaucer ‘Fun’?  Do you think analyzing Moby Dick or The Titan by Theodore Deiser a good time?  Do you think having a professor tell you to stop trying to be a writer because your ideas suck is the equivalent of doing Jello Shooters at a frat party?  Really?
  • I really need to channel my anger into my writing.  This is the best blog post ever. 
  • I’ve decided (about 3 seconds ago) if this whole new life I’m trying to make doesn’t work out, then by golly I’m gonna live in my garden.  TPWSNBN will most likely have me committed, and while that will be sad, as I am sure I couldn’t stay in my garden, at that point, it will most likely be for the best. 

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