Tales From The Scale Friday

WI: – 0.6
Total Loss: -7.8 (Since 3/26/2012)
Total Loss from Start: -46.4
Emotion: Trusting

I’m actually proud of myself this week.  I took a rest day, and didn’t allow myself to feel guilty about it.  I am planning on also taking today off because schedules are hectic with work and appointments.  I could make it work, but I don’t want to stress over getting it in.  I plan on enjoying my self this evening at my parents house with dinner and Birthday Cake (Mom’s Birthday Observed) and will resume being a bad ass tomorrow.

Week Recap

  • May 4 – Friday – Walked 1.08 & No Machine Cardio Workout
  • May 5 – Saturday – Ran 4 Miles
  • May 6 – Sunday – Dug holes for shrubs for 45 minutes
  • May 7 – Monday – NROLFW A3 & 1.51 Miles intervals
  • May 8 – Tuesday – Ran 3.1 Miles
  • May 9 – Wednesday – NROLFW B3 & 1.5 Miles intervals
  • May 10 – Thursday – Ran 3.1 Miles

Calories Burned: 3345
Miles Completed: 14.29 miles

I say over all that is a great week.  I am happy with the progress so far.  Would I like to have a Biggest Loser style week and suddenly drop 10 pounds?  Of course.  But with each week I am learning what works for me, in the long haul.  Because once the weight is gone, I have to keep it off.  Scary huh?

So today, like I said, I’m taking a day off from exercise.  I am running a race on Sunday, that somehow I keep forgetting about, subconsciously.

Mother’s Day – Devotion to Children 4 Miler  is a Potomac River Running Company Race.  They have many running stores all around Northern VA (and beyond?) and are sponsors of some of the great races in the area.  I’ve gone to them a couple of times before for shoe fittings and had a great experience, though I now only go to VA Runner in Woodbridge or Clifton, VA because my foot doctor and Ortho told me to go there and I’ve been pain free since.


So the race is on Sunday at 8am in Reston VA.  Not too big of a hike, but there goes another day of sleeping in.  I also feel like a horrible person because it’s Mothers Day and instead of being with my Mom at Church, I am going to be running a race.  But the race is for charity, and my mom loves charity, so I consider this something she would approve of.

Plan of the Day

  • Breakfast: English muffin w/ strawberry jelly, Smoothie with Trutein, Coffee with Cream = 394 Calories
  • Lunch: Baby bell peppers, Cherry Tomato, Broccoli w/ Low fat ranch, Non Fat Greek Yogurt, Almonds and Brownie = 419 calories
  • Dinner: TBD – Mom’s Birthday Observed! = ? Calories
  • Snack: Birthday cake = 360 Calories for one slice (Pillsbury moist yellow cake 1/12 of cake, 2 TBSP of Strawberry Icing)

No activity planned … I repeat… No Activity Planned

I will leave you with my plan of the week… xoxoxo

Day Of the Week




Saturday 5/12 Turkey Sandwich with spinach and bell pepper Going out to Mad Fox Brew Company Better Butt Workout & 1.5 miles intervals
Sunday 5/13 Jimmy Johns (Most likely) Cookout Food at the in-laws 4 Mile Race
Monday 5/14 Turkey Sandwich with veggies, fat free yogurt, fruit Whole Wheat pasta with Beef and Basil Tomato Sauce NROLFW Stage 2 A4 & 1.5 miles of intervals
Tuesday 5/15 Amy’s Light and Lean Frozen Lunch Veggie and Mozzarella Pizza with tomato basil dipping sauce 3.1 Mile Run
Wednesday 5/16 Kielbasa w/ veggies and Quinoa Zucchini Tots and Side Salad NROLFW Stage 2 B4 & 1.5 Miles of intervals
Thursday  5/17 Turkey Sandwich with Veggies and Greek Yogurt Chicken Waldorf Salad (spinach, chicken, grapes, dried cranberries, bell peppers, onions, walnuts, and Gorgonzola cheese) 3.1 Mile Run



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