I don’t have the ability to ‘sit on things’.  By that I mean, I can’t just say “I want to change my life in this completely left turn of a way and dive into my passion with every fiber of my being!” and then wait.  By ‘wait’ I mean, go through every protocol separately and then take on the next step.  I can’t.  I have to logistically and tactically plan out every single centimeter of my life until this new activity/change/existence will be completed.  This does not merely mean “making a list”.

In BeBe’s world, this means spreadsheets with every single bit of info relating to the matter.

i.e.  I need to take the Praxis I for Grad School.  I have every portion of the test on it’s own line (Math, Reading, Writing) and the corresponding date to which I am taking each portion of the test.  I also have the combined minimum score I need for the combined set of tests, along with separate slots for each test score upon taking them.

I also need to take certain courses while obtaining my degree.  I have those laid out including Course Number, Course Name, Credit Number, Description, Professors who usually teach this course, Professor rating off of RateMyProfessor.com, Semester I ‘plan’ to take this class in.

Today I took my college transcripts from NVCC and GMU to do the endorsement analysis for my entrance to the program.  It turns out I am missing 5 classes. This makes sense because even though I was on a path of English B.A. I didn’t have the education components behind it.  I was thinking more of the romantic side of English like Poetry, and Writing, not Linguistics and Grammar. Whoops.

So I immediately thought of a plan B.  Turns out I can be 9 credits shy of endorsement and still be accepted into the program.  With my plan & Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA where the N stands for Nowledge!) I will complete or be in progress of completion 12 out of the 15 credits I am missing.  WHOO HOO.  That means I will just have to take 1 extra class at GMU as part of the program.

Crisis Averted.

Did I mention I haven’t even taken the first portion of the Praxis yet?  Or that the application for Spring 2013 isn’t even available yet?


That whole cart before the horse post obviously did wonders for my thought process as I am totally taking everything I wrote to heart.  Thank God for TPWSNBN talking me down from ledges and convincing me that it will get done when it gets done and I will do fine, and I will be okay, and I will get through this.

No Truer Words.

Even though half the day is gone…


  • Breakfast: Smoothie (Strawberry, peach, protein, spinach, milk), English muffin w/ Jelly, Coffee
  • Lunch: Quinoa, Turkey Meatloafs, Broccoli; yogurt, apple
  • Snack: Banana & Fiber One Brownie
  • Dinner: Chicken Stir fry with bell peppers, broccoli, onion
  • Activity: 2 miles walking + NROLFW AMRAP Workout B

Yesterday’s run really gave me the edge and the confidence I needed.  I did 4 miles in 39’48”.  Yeah that’s like a 9’58” pace, but whatever.  IT’S SUB 10!  THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.

I’m thinking of making Banana Walnut White Chocolate Muffins tonight to bring into work tomorrow.  We’ll see how it goes.


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