Tuesday Things

  • I got my new license plates in the mail.  
My three loves… Running, The Washington Capitals, and Obama


This of course means they are going to lose Game 7 tomorrow against Boston.  But that’s okay, I still love them.  Always.

  • I’m running outside today.  If it kills me.  It looks sunny out, it seems to be getting warmer, but slowly.  We’ll see if I have to wear a jacket or base layer or something this afternoon for my four miles. I’m thinking this my be my route…
But now thinking about it… I am not sure if this will be my route.  I need more hills.  This is a very flat area.  Ugh I might just end up being on the treadmill with an incline instead.
  • I realllllly need to bake something.  I am getting antsy with all this flour around my house and nothing baking.  I also need to stop baking on Friday’s, leaving the wonderful goodies I made around my house all weekend long.  Just staring at me.
  • Math is hard.  Especially Math that you never remember learning.  Because you didn’t go to class that semester.  Or you were there but not listening.  HOW DID YOU GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL?
  • I need to really focus on getting 100 oz of water a day.  My body/skin/head/ugh are all suffering because I am dehydrated 90% of the time. I’m sure my runs and my diet will be better if I chug chug chug beer water more often.
  • 100 Days till The Dominican Republic.  I have no idea what to expect other than alcohol, hang overs, spa treatments, sunsets, sunburns, more alcohol, bathing suits, ocean time, sleeping on beach, random insects, clear water, sleeping till noon, no make up, no hair products, alcohol, 5 hour layover in Philly? All with my Best Friend.
  • I really like Dogfish Head 75 Min IPA – They mix 60 min and 90 min at the tap for this very interesting smooth beer.  Had two over the weekend and man.  Does it go down smooth.  I love having their restaurant right down the road.  I think a weekend venture to DE might be needed for a tour.  I love you Dogfish Head.
  • It’s nice when you plan out your food for the day, so you have enough snacks, and meals to keep you satisfied that you don’t need to go to the banana bread in the break room.. because you have a banana – AND THAT IS TOTALLY THE SAME THING.
    • Breakfast: Smoothie (Spinach, Protein powder, Banana, Milk, 3 strawberries), Coffee, English Muffin w/ Jelly = 333 Calories
    • Snack: Banana = 90 Calories
    • Lunch: Amy’s Frozen Enchilada Meal, Yogurt, Diet Pepsi, Almonds = 460 Calories
    • Snack: Apple & FiberOne PB and chocolate brownie = 162
    • Dinner: Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast with Roasted Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts = 385
    • Activity: Running 4 Miles (So I can have beer)
  • The idea of Grad school is kind of making my mind swim.  I’m excited all the same.  I am also in a different place now maturity wise, and my goal is STRAIGHT FREAKING A’s.
  • Actually my goal is to FIRST get in.
  • So first, I need to learn all the math there is apparently.  First TPWSNBN said that it looks like the math is pretty much 5-8th grade.  Then last night he was like “Whoa.  I did this senior year of College.”  So I don’t know what to expect.  I know what score I NEED to get into Mason.
  • I just looked at a course listing for a class in Grad School and anything below a B is failing.  Yes I just vomited a little.
    • I am fully aware I am getting the cart before the horse.
  • We still haven’t planned our vacation this fall yet.  We should most likely get on that.
  • I have taken too long writing this post.

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