I Wanna Be The One In The Sun (With adequate SPF of course)

via pinterest

I found this on Pinterest this morning, and it made me laugh almost to the point of insanity this morning.  I am easily excitable apparently.  I was thinking about this list for a few moments and that there are few ‘laws’ that were missed – at least in my world of running.

BeBe’s Law of Running

  • When finally finding your happy pace in a race there will be a wall of people going slower that you can’t seem to get around.
  • When trying a new route, even if it is just slightly off course, you will inevitably get lost and have no cell reception.
  • The first time you PR during a training run, you’re GPS will have shut off, thus making it your word against the upload of the 0.04 mile run you did according to GARMIN.
  • No matter how many times you check your race playlist, somehow Bon Iver, Fiona Apple, or Kenny G (or another non-running type music) will end up playing when you need something a bit more uplifting.
  • Your water bottle, whether hand help, or hydration belt, will have a leak.
  • The GU at the race table will always be the one that makes you vomit (this is really all GU, but there are some I can’t stomach at all)
  • You will go through your entire training without one blister, lost toe nail, or stress fracture, to only get all three during your race
  • The tutu seemed like a great idea months leading up to the race.
  • You will always get passed by the old woman, small child, profusely sweating man, or the person “Who really only runs for fun” at every. finish.
  • Elevation charts always paint a prettier picture that what you actually see on race day.
  • Running through water stops is an automatic invitation for your ass to meet the asphalt.
  • All of your race pictures will suck.  (I don’t know how some people know where the cameras are.  Sure there are people with cameras everywhere.  Then how come every picture was of me on the verge of death?)
  • The minute you realize it was a bad idea to sign up for a half marathon when you aren’t really sure you can finish it, the gun goes off for your corral.

Some of these aren’t funny.  I know this.  MY SOLE PURPOSE IN LIFE ISN’T ALWAYS TO MAKE YOU LAUGH.

Plan Of the Day

  • Breakfast: Smoothie (Spinach, Milk, Protein Powder, Strawberries), English Muffin w/ Elderberry Jelly, Coffee with Cream = 300 Calories
  • Snack: Water w/ Crystal Light = 15 Calories
  • Lunch: Turkey on a Sandwich Thin with Hummus, Greek Yogurt, Grapes, Diet Pepsi = 369 Calories
  • Snack: Fiber One Brownie = 90 Calories
  • Dinner: Taco Cupcakes (modified from Emily Bites) and refried beans = 569 Calories


  • NROLFW Stage 1 Workout A AMRAP Edition (As Many Reps As Possible)
  • 2 Miles incline walking on treadmill
  • Calorie Burn goal of 400

I’m attempting to be active in some way everyday.  But I am also not holding myself to it.  If I get home from work and just can’t for whatever reason, I am not going to push myself to do a run or a lift session.  I will however go on the nightly dog walks.  Blarney needs to lose some weight.  He’s been very inactive since we moved into the house, mainly because we have the yard, so we don’t feel the need to walk him.  Well now he has some fat rolls.  This is worrisome to us, obviously.

So Blarney and Mom are on the diet exercise fast track.  I know he’ll beat me to his goal, then I will to mine, but really as long as he’s healthy and happy, I’m happy.  I’ll get to mine eventually.

Which reminds me.

100 days till the Dominican Republic. You can’t see my face, but it’s full of fear, and body issues. I am not so uncomfortable in my body as I used to be, and I think a lot of my issues are melting away  along with the inches, but at the same time, I am trying to be realistic.  I know I won’t look like this in 100 days:

via pinterest

Mainly because I will never be that tan.  But I know I can look better than I do now, so that’s the goal.  Be better than I was on April 23. :-)

Well I am off to work on stuff that will actually make me money.  Though I wish I could stay here all day and tell you all how much I love you.



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