Under Pressure

My head and sinuses are at least.

Other than suffering of allergies since Friday – it’s not the usual pains either.  I have yet to have relief yet. – my weekend was pretty awesome.


Picked up Lisa and headed to Clarendon area for dinner at Restaurant 3 – which is like southern home cooking with lots of bacon.  I started out with the Lagunita’s IPA – which I have to say is an awesome beer.  Very crisp, light, clean, and refreshing.  Had it been a bit warmer I would have wanted to sit outside.  I then had the Blue Cheese Chips, which were home made potato chips, with melted blue cheese on top, with bacon.  Wow.  Rich, good, but overwhelming.

For the entree I ordered a glass of some no name riesling and then the Steak Salad with a balsamic vinaigrette.  While this was delicious, I had eaten too much already and could not enjoy this.  It became a chore to eat really.

After being overstuffed we ventured to La Pain Quotidien, which is a cute little cafe, bakery, wine place a few doors down.  We sat outside with our extremely large skim lattes and people watched.  I more dog watched then anything.

Photo By Lisa ♥

I love hanging out with Lisa, because she is the type of friend that even after talking ALL DAY we have stuff to talk about in person.  We also can have silence and not feel uncomfortable.  We also can overeat and talk about how sick we feel and not feel as though we are being judged by the other.

(I totally ate too much Lisa).

After coffee we walked back to my car and I drove her home.  There might have been some other things or whatever that occurred but my head is foggy on the details.

I may have checked in at Gold’s Gym without being there.


We woke up at like 8:00am-ish, had breakfast and then I debated running outside or inside.  My allergies kept acting up, and I was afraid of going into an all out sneeze fit while running, so I decided the treadmill it would be.  I will resume outdoor running Tuesday.  I went upstairs, put on my ultra cool running outfit, and then made TPWSNBN take pictures.

Pre-Run All Cute and Pink

I normally run at like a 10’25″ to 10’45″ on the treadmill because for some reason it’s hard for me to pull sub 10  minute miles on the treadmill.  I have no idea why this is.  But this run, I changed up my intervals to 10 minutes running 1 minute walking (6.0 mph/4.0 mph).  Why did I do this?  Well when racing, I would love to have a 10’00″ mile pace throughout the race.  That would be awesome.  So I decided this is how I will work on my endurance at that pace.

Post-Run. Not Cute.

4.21 Miles – 43’00″

Not too shabby.  Well after the run, we took the dogs to get groomed at my sisters, and Blarney wasn’t really feeling it this week.

It's cool. We all have our days.

Then it was home to change, shower, whatever, and we were off to Tyson’s in search of Jeans.

I normally don’t write reviews on here of stores, but I will say I was appalled at how I was treated in Lucky at Tyson’s Corner.  I was ready to drop serious money on Jeans, and when I was approached by a sales man I was mocked because I had picked up men’s jeans (They were skinny jeans.  How can you tell the difference, especially when sizes go by measurement now, not arbitrary numbers).  There was more ridicule, and embarrassment, but I’ll save the details for my yelp review, and the letter to the manager.

We vacated that store quickly, and walked down to Banana republic.  Which would have been fine, except they were having a massive sale, and they had nothing in my size.  They had sizes bigger, but not mine.  I asked if we could leave, so we did.  We ventured to Fair Oaks Mall, and walked right into the Banana Republic that had my size, tried on the jeans and they looked great, and then I also got a 30% coupon.

DRK CRVY DENIM                
195734  3001         1 @ 79.50
Item Discount 30%      -23.85
Item Discount Amt.     -10.00
505 - Gap $10 Reward Card
Item Discount Amt.     -10.00
505 - Gap $10 Reward Card
Item Discount Amt.     -10.00
505 - Gap $10 Reward Card

Total Discount       -53.85

Subtotal                       25.65
T1 Taxable Amount        25.65
T1 (5.0000%) Tax          1.28
Total Tax                       1.28
Total                          26.93
Gap (S)                    26.93 

Oh yeah, I also had 3 $10.00 off coupons because I used my Gap Card so many times.  So I hot $80.00 Jeans for $26.93.  WINNING.

After that we headed to Fairfax Corner for Dinner at Coastal Flats.  We had some time to kill so we walked around Plow and Hearth and then headed over.

I had the Coastal Flats Pale Ale – which is yummy and clean tasting.  It’s actually Brewed by Sweetwater, which I believe is the “mother” restaurant of this entire grouping (Great American Restaurants), but each place carries it.  To start I also had the chopped salad, which is an amazing tasting salad, but it’s so simple.  I just love it.

Then came dinner.  Hong Kong Style Rare Tuna on a bed of spinach and ginger with a side of white rice.


It was amazing.  AH-MAZ-ING.  It was perfection.  I couldn’t stop talking about it. I ate slowly and intently because I wanted to savor every last bite.

Stuffed and happy we stopped and got coffee on the way home and took the rest of the evening to relax at home.  It was nice curling up with a beer and Law and Order Reruns.  Went to bed around Midnight and only woke up like 9 times to blow my nose.


Woke up at like 10.  That never happens.  We rolled out of bed, ate a quick breakfast and then sprinted to the Grocery store to get food for the week.

Dinner Menu

Monday – Chicken Stir Fry With Qunioa

Tuesday – Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast with Roasted Potatoes

Wednesday – Turkey Meatloaf Cakes with Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Thursday – Steak Waldorf Salad

Friday – TBD

Saturday – TBD

Sunday – Turkey Meatballs and Pasta

Then after the Grocery store, we headed home to drop off the food then, over to Merrifield Garden Center to pick up some plants.  Then we spent $450.00 on the 60,000 mile check up for my car and headed home.

After mowing the lawn, gardening, and some chores around the house, we cleaned ourselves up and headed to Home Depot for a hedge clipper, and Target just because.

What do you think? It doesn't matter because I bought it.

Then we stopped by my parents for a quick Hello and “Can you believe that Cap’s game?!” with my dad and then bid everyone farewell to get home a cook dinner.  Jason and I were exhausted, and even though we didn’t ‘work’ persay this week, last week kicked both of us in the face and it was nice to not be obligated to anything this weekend really.

I have to keep reminding myself that a lot of people don’t go visit family on a weekly basis, it’s okay for some distance :-)

That was my weekend in a nutshell.  I’ll be posting a recipe for something I randomly made last night before Game of Thrones, later today.



xoxo BeBe

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