Response to WTF Friday

We got some feisty conservatives!


I’m glad I’m at a point where this doesn’t bother me. To Mickey mouse, I was simply re-posting something I read of another site. I’m sorry if you disagree with me bashing your Mittens Romney, but it being my blog, I can do this.

I read the article did my own google search and he was there and arrested for the crime. That’s factual. Whether he was the one beating the dog or skinning the dog or lighting the dog on fire – he was there and let it happen.

Therefore he is AS BAD AND GUILTY as the others.

By the way I also believe in Gay marriage, harsher gun laws, and Roe v. Wade.

Anything else you care to disagree with me on?

Spreading lies or uncovering the disgusting past histories of republican leaders?



And the majority if the alarm was about Mittens strapping a dog to the roof. But you know whatever.

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