Thursday Things


Now that that is out of the way….


  • Breakfast: Smoothie, Coffee, English Muffin (Same Old Same Old) = 449 Calories
  • Lunch: Salad with Veggies, Yogurt, Diet Pepsi = 248 Calories
  • Snack: Banana & 5 Hershey Kisses (Special Dark) = 190 Calories
  • Dinner: Chicken Waldorf Salad & Beer = 536 Calories

Leaves: 67 Calories Not Used

  • Activity: 3.1 Miles of Speed Work on Treadmill

I plan on having coffee or something after dinner, so I imagine I’ll dip into my Activity Calories, but that is what they are there for, am I right?

I’m also prepared for there to be a gain tomorrow at Weigh In.  I wasn’t stellar this week by any means, and really even though I tracked everything, I still went over.  So we will see.  I will take a maintain at this point as a gift from the Weight Loss Gods.

My hair is doing this weird, even though I’m clean I still feel gross thing.  It needs to quit that, like now.

I am becoming unhealthy obsessed with Pinterest Again.  It holds all of my hope and inspiration.

I ran out of yarn last night, for this one blanket I have been working on FOREVER.  Guess what.. they no longer sell that color.  It’s just a shade off, but I can totally see it.

My office is freaking cold.  It’s also cold outside.  WHERE DID SUMMER GO?  ARE WE IN AUSTRALIA?  IS THIS BACKWARDS LAND?

I have no idea what I am doing with my life.

Erika gave me a stupendous idea on how to deal with The Person Who Shall Not Be Named on my blog.  I will implement for tomorrow’s post.  It will be awesome.  And I love her even more for the idea – if that was possible to begin with.

I have had “Teenage Dream” By Katy perry in my head FOR DAYS – except sung by the Glee Cast.

I am suddenly realizing this post has no point and I am rambling.

No I am not drunk.

Yes I wish I was.



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