What Do Mean There Are No Cadbury Cream Eggs.

We couldn’t find them anywhere.

I ate my weight in Brunch Food from Carmello’s.  I had two Mimosas, two plates of food that was not quite breakfast, but more dinner.  It was heavy pastas, desserts, and chicken dishes.  I skipped the eggs and bacon because eggs usually make me barfy, and I am not a big fan of pork.  So I felt gross leaving the restaurant, but continued to eat like crap for the rest of the day.  I was already thinking about working out at this point.

We then came home to witness my next door neighbor kick his dog.  I don’t want to go into again, mainly because I have rehashed it over and over again, and I feel sick thinking about it again.

I hugged my dogs a lot today.

Even though today should have been a rest day, I decided to walk on the treadmill.  2.3 miles later and I felt slightly better.

I really needed to do something to work off the steam/anger/annoyance/disgust/etc.   Luckily that walking on an incline mostly did the trick.  That and a beer.  I love beer. Beer solves all problems – sometimes.

Sometimes sleep does.  We shall see tonight, which one helps.

Gotta Get That Boom Boom Pow.

This Weeks Plan will be posted tomorrow – I’ve worked out 7 days in a row and plan to go straight through next Saturday – and possibly do a gym class with Lisa next Sunday, if she wants. (Hint Hint).  I don’t mind working out everyday as long as I vary what it is I’m doing.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

For now, I’m off to watch One Direction on SNL – and not get too giddy at how freaking cute they are.

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