“Thank You For Your Consideration”

Really?  Monday?

It feels like I was JUST at the office. Oh Well.  I have an excuse to leave early today, so that’s good…. By Early I mean – I’m not getting sucked into something that will keep me here late, because I have to go to the bank, yo.

Today’s Plan

  • Breakfast: Super Smoothie! (Protein Powder, Milk, Spinach, Strawberries, Peaches, Banana), 1 Low Fat Eggo Waffle w/ TBSP of Better n’ Peanut Butter, Coffee w/ Fat Free Half and Half
  • Lunch: Spinach Salad with Black beans, Radish, Bell pepper, and low Fat Ranch.  Dannon Greek Yogurt (Blueberry), flat out wrap (for the salad to become a small wrap), Grapes
  • Dinner: Turkey Meatloaf Cupcakes with Side Salad
  • Activity: 1 Mile warm up run & NROLFW Week 3

I also need to open up the PRAXIS study guide tonight and start studying for the math portion of the exam which I am taking on May 26.


I’m in Hunger Games withdraw.  I saw it multiple times this weekend, and frankly, want to see it again and again.  I have a feeling that it will be a movie we not only watch constantly once on Blue Ray – but it will be a big event once all are out on blue ray.

I kind of want to dress like Katniss for Halloween, but I am not sure my office will be okay with me bringing in a bow and arrow.

We shall see.

I’m already blabbering.


So we bought this on Saturday.  It’s Awesome.  I’m Jealous.  I want one.

I’m off to have literary discussions with coworkers about Katniss and Peeta.

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