2 Days. Last Run. New Challenge.

2 Days till the half. Yes I know my updates on time are annoying. It will all be over soon. I had a minor freak out last night, and then a dream that I had to be driven to the finish line because my pace was so slow. I know this won’t happen, unless I lose a leg, which I don’t foresee happening, but you never know. So after being calmed down, by the Moodster, I was able to go back to sleep. It was hot when we went to bed, but it was an amazingly comfortable temperature when I woke up. It was the perfect shade of dark, and I just felt comfortable. Which lead to sleeping 20 minutes longer than I wanted, but it was worth it.

There are no more run’s till the race. My training plan stated I should run once more, but I am resting the legs. I want to be in uber good shape for Saturday morning. Today is yoga, tomorrow is strength training (upper body only), Friday is Rest, minimal movement, and carb loading.

Ah yes, Carb Loading. I’m loving that.

Post Last Run 32'22" (3 Miles)

I’m feeling good now. I’m unsure about the tutu, but we’ll see how it goes. I might take it off during the race, and if that happens, it will be donated to some poor ballerina young girl who will have a pretty tutu to play with.

New Challenge

This morning I was greeted with an article from Mark Bittman (a man I admire, and trust with the food on my plate) entitled “The Human Cost of Animal Suffering“.
I opened it expecting it to be something shocking like what PETA always puts out with emotional photos of suffering and sadness of animals. I hate those. Not because they are hard to look at (because they are) but because it’s hard being one person knowing that I personally, alone, can’t stop it from happening.
In this article, he discusses eating less meat. He doesn’t say “STOP EATING ANIMALS” he simply says:

If we want a not-too-damaged planet to live on, and we want to live here in a way that’s also not too damaged, we’re better off eating less meat. But if we also want a not-too-damaged psyche, we have to look at how we treat animals and begin to change it.

-Mark Bittman

That seems simple enough, right?  I thought so.  I thought about how I’ve been getting protein from various sources other than animals recently.  I thought about the No Meat Athletes.  I thought about how everything is a choice and nothing is determined right off the bat.  Except for these animals.

I buy organic/grass fed beef.  I buy organic free range chicken, turkey and eggs.  I have the utmost respect for the animals that give their lives for me to have nourishment.

Which is why I am taking a break.  A break from Meat.  I haven’t figured out the particulars yet, told my husband, or even decided when I am going to start (Most likely after Saturday).  But I know that for 30 days straight, soon, I will be not eating meat.

I will still cook meat for my husband, because it’s his choice to eat it, and I am not going to make his menu change because I am doing this.

I will simply be eating no meat for 30 days.  We’ll see how my world changes, what ideas I am given, and what I learn after 30 days.  When I know more, you will know more.

Doing it for the Cows.


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