Workouts/Meals Of The Week – New Mode of Thinking

Workouts Of The Week
  • Monday – Rest Day
  • Tuesday – 5 mile run
  • Wednesday – Cross Train (Yoga or walk on treadmill)
  • Thursday – 5 mile run
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 10 Mile Run
  • Sunday – Yoga

Dinners of the Week

I called my primary care doctor to discuss possibly going to a nutritionist.  So, her thoughts were a.) Great Idea (Thanks Lisa D. for it!), and b.) small changes while I wait to find one and get an appointment.

Small Changes

  • Meal Plan your breakfasts and dinners – if lunch has to be by the seat of my pants, fine.  It usually isn’t as I always pack lunch but she said I can be flexible there if I plan accordingly the other two meals.
  • No alcohol Sunday – Thursday.  This is a real trigger for me.  It’s not like I binge drink or anything, but a glass of wine will automatically make me want another, and then dessert, then God knows what else.
  • 100 oz of water a day – pretty self explanatory

So I will be looking for a nutritionist, and starting tonight, no alcohol till Friday.  100 oz of water a day (So far I’ve done 25…).  I’m good with meal planning (Just not the sticking to it part).

Anyone in the Northern VA area have a good nutritionist that I can call?

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2 thoughts on “Workouts/Meals Of The Week – New Mode of Thinking

  1. I’m going to band with ya on the no alcohol Sunday through Thursday… It’s so easy for me to justify a beer after a workout, and a beer or two always leaves me digging around in the pantry at weird hours of the night looking for a junk food fix :) good luck!

  2. I started meal planning and no booze during the week 2 weeks ago and it made a HUGE difference! 1.5lbs lost in just one week – which is amazing for me!

    I also definitely agree with automating breakfast and lunch, if possible (or, automating 2 meals per day) since it makes it easy and you’ll always know how many calories you’ve consumed for 2 of 3 meals.

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