Weight This Week: +0.2

It’s been a while since I posted.  May be not a long while, but for someone who posts almost every day, it seems like awhile.  I’ve been keeping up with exercise and tracking, and gained this week.  It’s part of the process.  I refuse to let myself get down about it.  This week I am focusing on trying new exercises and cleaner eating.  Mr. Bebe and I had our Black Bean Salad last night and used all fresh ingredients.  Nothing came from a can or a prepackaged item.  We usually use diced tomatoes, cilantro paste, etc.  But last night Mr. Bebe went above and beyond and made a magnificent all fresh foods clean salad.  I was a happy camper.

Well I would have been a happy camper had I stopped eating after said salad.  But I ran before dinner, didn’t have an afternoon snack and felt empty the minute I finished eating.  This started the grazing in the kitchen. 

I know I said I wasn’t going to run until Saturday, but my legs feel so much better after taking Sunday off and doing Yoga on Monday, I had to.  It felt good to get back on the treadmill and run off some of this stress I’ve been having.


Stress.  It might as well be a four letter word.  Between work, my fear of failure, injury and the state of the world, I am a living stress ball.  I know it may seem dramatic, but it’s true.  I let things like the shooting in Arizona get to me.  I think, that if this continues to happen, what separates us from the terrorists in other parts of the world?  How are we more “civilized”?


I think about work, which I keep being told I am amazing at, but I still feel a bit like I am under some watchful eye of upper management, waiting for a screw up.  No matter how many times I do something excellent, I find a million things I could have done better. 


Water Retention.  I have a tendency to have really good days with salt and water.  Then I have really bad days with salt and water.  I can feel it mostly in my joints when I haven’t had a lot of water. I know this is never a good thing, but it’s really not a good thing when you are trying to lose weight.  *Chug chug chug*


Grazing.  I have this problem at night and on the weekends.  When I am home, this is what I do.  So I started keeping tons of fruit in the house.  It would be better for me to graze on fruit than to graze on pretzels, popcorn, bread, cheese, etc.


Exercise.  I think I have a good handle on this, as of now.  But I need to branch out.  I have been doing running, and just recently jumped back into yoga – with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels DVDs – not easy.  I need to add more strength training as well.  I can’t build muscle with cardio alone.  So my plan is to do Yoga 1-2X a week, Cardio 2-3X a week, and Strength at least 1X a week.  This may be doubled up on days like Saturdays and Sundays since I am not  on a time constraint.  I am thinking I will be a lot more successful than I was previously with this new plan.


I know this seems like another “New Years” post of things I am working on, but I feel the more I communicate this, the more accountable I will be held.



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