Workout DVD Review: Bob Harper: Inside Out Method – Yoga For The Warrior

First let me preface this by saying that a.) I am not by any means good at yoga;  b.) I am not flexible AT ALL; and c.) If I am going to be in pain, I prefer for it to be while I am burning thousands of calories, not holding a single position.

I have done various yoga dvd’s in the past including

  1. Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga – With Bob Harper and cast
  2. Yoga Meltdown – Jillian Michaels
  3. Rodney Yee’s Ultimate Power Yoga
  4. Elle Magazines – Workout Yoga ( Don’t buy this one.  It’s crap)
  5. Then something by Gaiam (Don’t buy this one either, obviously it wasn’t that memorable)

I have never really been addicted to the after glow feeling of working out, until really I started running.  But then of course as Bethany does, I over did it, and had to take a couple days off.  Enter Bob Harper.

Why Hello Bob…


I knew I needed to stretch, my legs especially, because of the running and not being smart about warm ups.  My calves, ankles, and especially the Achilles Tendon area on my left leg were all sore, tight, and kind of painful at times, especially after sleeping or sitting for a long period of time.  So I ordered this DVD.  It came yesterday on my normal busy day of the week so I decided I would end my work week with this workout.

The DVD is comprised of two work outs.  The first workout is an hour long all body inclusive yoga workout.  The second is a 15 minute ab workout.  I started with the hour long workout first.

Hour Long Workout

There is resting, I’ll preface with that.  You’ll need the rest periods he gives you.  You go from doing mountain pose (Easy.  It’s called standing.) to turning into a pretzel.  Okay not that quickly but it felt like it, and might as well be.  I can’t hold positions very long, because I am weak.  I have very little muscle built up, this is something I have to work on I know.  But this was kind of crazy.  The fit, yogafied women on the dvd couldn’t hold them either!  The best part was this big muscular black man in the back of the room looking like he was going to keel over because of how hard it was.

All the basic poses I think are covered: Mountain, Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Plank, side plank, triangle, twisting triangle, Warrior one, warrior 2, Side angle(?), Tree, half moon, toe hold (?), and Corpse (My favorite).

After I was done I checked my HRM – 247 calories.  Not bad, but without running I wanted to at least burn 300 today.  So I clicked over to Workout 2 – All Abs.

Ab Workout

Holy crap.

I am already sore.  you start doing knee hugs.  I am sure this is just for stretching, but then he has you roll from side to side while hugging your knees.  This is no bueno on my lower back.  Then he has you do crunches.  How are crunches yoga infused?  I guess there is no way to make your abs stellar without a crunch or two.  Then we did scissor legs, and another variation of scissor legs and then the madness continued.  (By The Way, I know its NBD, but it’s actually 17 minutes not 17 minutes.)

I found this workout even though it’s way shorter, to be WAY HARDER than the hour long version.  I feel the burning in my abs now where as the rest of my body just kind of feels loose, and happy.  I am sure that will be different tomorrow when I wake up and attempt to move.


  • You get to stare at Bob Harper who is not only nice to look at but he really has a soothing presence that makes it all better when he says “Now twist your body completely in half and breathe, don’t forget to smile!”
  • I actually feel no pain in my previously mentioned pained places.  I know I am not ‘cured’ Bob isn’t God (is he?), but I feel a heck of a lot better than I did pre-workout
  • I can actually see myself progressing with this DVD, as there is more room for growth, because as your flexibility and strength improve so does your ability to do those really crazy poses.
  • There is a “progress bar” at the bottom of the screen, so you get to see how much, in a visual sense, time you’ve got left.


  • If you have lower back issues, like I do, a lot of the on the floor stuff may be a lot more uncomfortable.  I mean it’s a workout, it’s not supposed to be comfortable, but this was just painful at times.
  • There is this weird music in the background that sounds like it’s trying to be Rock and Roll, but it’s just distracting.
  • Bob doesn’t give a lot of instruction on form, so unless you know what you’re doing pay attention to what the people are doing.
  • Don’t hold your breath for Warrior Three Pose.  He never goes there.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A mat – thicker the better, there is a lot of floor work and your back and knees will thank you.
  • The will to survive… I’m kidding.

Kind of.

2 thoughts on “Workout DVD Review: Bob Harper: Inside Out Method – Yoga For The Warrior

    • Caloric burn depends on the person and how hard they are pushing. Weight, normal heart rate, etc all play a part.

      Try the workout with a heart rate monitor.

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