Bliss me

I’m having one of those days, where smiling is too easy to do, and impossible to stop.  I am thinking about the amazingness of this weekend, and how I will be having so much fun, hanging out with my sister, celebrating my mom’s birthday, and Mothers day (on the same day mind you), and I am just so incredibly happy, and I am not sure why, nor am I planning on questioning it.

I am writing again, which may have something to do with it.  I am realizing my massive amounts of strength in my own physicality and mentality.  I am seeing my actual beauty and not what I think I should look like.

I’m in love.

I’m not letting things get to me anymore.  Things that would normally kick my ass right down on the floor, are no longer bothering me, because I am seeing that life is too short.  Love is too short.

There are songs that I hear that put me in a place of my past where I can even smell the moment I was in.  Whether it be in Starbucks when I was working, or in the dusty library at GMU.  One song always takes me back to a certain night at starbucks.

I was closing with my best friend at the time Heather J. and another guy Tim.  The song “Be Mine” came on by David Gray.  I was upset about some d-bag guy dumping me, and she just leaned over patted me on the back and said “You’ll get over this, and you’ll be better for it.”  I remember the smell of coffee grounds, exactly what her face looked like when she said that, and exactly what I was doing and where I was standing.  The minute I hear that song, I am seriously back in that moment.

“…a nameless face I think I see, to come and watch the waves with me until they are gone…”

I’ve just turned into some randomly happy person.  I am worried.  I’ve never really been a ‘happy’ person.. and I am not sure what has gotten in to me, but whatever it is, I hope it sticks around…:-)


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One thought on “Bliss me

  1. Well, that’s just beautiful. I’m having a really horrible day today but you remind of me of a time when I felt all those beautiful things and I know they’re right around the corner. Thanks for reminding me.

    And I’m so glad to know people are living with peace, joy and love.

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