Marine Corps Marathon!









It was a great day and experience…

I might be doing another one… Maybe.

MCM in 3 days!

I’m crazy terrified but trying to think of it as just a long run that I’m sharing with a lot of people.

Any suggestions?

Oh hello!


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?


That’s what I looked like post Hokie Half Marathon. It rained the whole time. It was about 50 degrees, high winds, and miserable.

After the initial ‘I feel like crap’ I actually felt like the ultimate bad mother shut your mouth!


Blacksburg was nice, Jason was happy to be back. There was even talk of moving there so I could do my PhD. We’ll see about that.


That’s my next milestone. I’m 10 days out and hate running. Great right? After it’s done it will be a while before I jump back on the pavement. I need a break.

How are you all?

Tuesday and everything else

It’s been a good week!

I feel like the days are going by so fast, but still slow – if that makes sense.


I ran outside for 5 miles on Sunday and it was great.

I have a half marathon in Blacksburg this weekend and I’m super nervous!

Wish me luck!


So excited!

So tired.


I miss y’all


Hello lovelies

I miss you all like crazy. This blog has kinda fallen off the radar, and for that I’m sorry. I plan on a post this week, and I hope you all stick with me!

I’m trying some new things with my weight loss and when I weigh in on Saturday I hope it shows!

Love you all!

Shake it Off

I’m obsessed with the new Taylor Swift song.

It’s pretty pathetic.


Happy Friday y’all!

I have to stay late so a student can make up an in class essay which I’m like ugh about.

I went out last night which was fun, but I found out something kinda crappy about my last job, so I’m a bit upset about that.

Such is life, right? It’s in the past so that’s what matters. I’m done with them now :-)